Whirlpool Dryer Elements

Hey good friend I see you have to be searching for Whirlpool Dryer Elements. Nicely perhaps this text you are actually studying might allow you to? The very first thing you should need to know is what precisely is the issue of your equipment machine. Is it not heating, tumbling or taking to lengthy to dry. There may be many alternative components that may very well be dangerous or in want of restore.

Now earlier than you is an inventory of various type of dryer components and the method of how they work or what drawback they might value your dryer from working in good situation whirlpool dryer repair los angeles.

Dryer Timer Elements: They’ve many alternative half numbers for particular dryer fashions. The dryer timer is strictly what the title says it calls to your electrical energy to run the remainder of the dryer in warmth or time measurements.

Dryer Begin Swap Elements: There’s a few totally different sort however are principally frequent on all dryer fashions. Begin change components will let you push the change and open a bi-metal mechanism and free the electrical energy into the dryer components to permit it to run. The change typically will get caught within the open place or will get caught within the closed place.

Dryer belt Elements: There may be solely three totally different belts on this model of dryers. The most typical one to switch most is belt quantity 341241. The belt permits the drum to spin by getting the horse energy from the motor and places stress on the Loafer Pulley. Often is torn, ripped, busted or weathered.

Dryer Motor Elements: There may be solely two totally different sorts of motors one is a entrance mount which suggests the blower is going through the entrance, and the opposite motor is the rear mount which suggests the blower wheel is going through the again. These motors spins the drum, tumbling your garments at a variable price of pace. It’s common for these motors to get hung up or go dangerous on the beginning/run winding.

Dryer Blower Wheel Elements: There may be solely two half numbers for these blower wheel components to match the dryer motor. The blower wheel spins on the price of the motor circulating the air to evenly dry your garments. It’s common for these to chip and break from particles in left in pockets of garments, or get stripped on the motor shaft.

Dryer Loafer Meeting Elements: Two kinds of loafer pulleys however both or will be placed on and nonetheless work. The loafer places stress on the belt permitting the belt to show the drum. The loafer is frequent to get burnt by the belt put on or hung up. Additionally the loafer will be going dangerous and make a whole lot of chirping noise on account of poor upkeep.

Dryer Curler Meeting Elements. Rollers are available in two differing kinds and should match up the half quantity. The rollers have a dimension distinction and makes the drum sit in a different way. Dryer rollers make the drum transfer simpler and supply help for simple tumbling. The rollers normally go dangerous by rounding out the bearing in the course of the curler components.

Dryer Thermostats, Security change Elements: There may be many alternative temperatures and air move ratios to match the thermostats and security switches. The thermostats regulate the warmth and cycle the warmth temperatures. The protection’s monitor and management if the dryer is getting too sizzling or not sufficient air move and can shut down the dryer down in until changed. Once they shut the dryer down there’s one other drawback else the place that need to be identified and repaired or you’ll expertise the issue once more.

That will end up the mechanical and electrical components and there performance and the way they break down or have a malfunction. This text excludes the heating sources so now we have made one other article about Whirlpool Dryer Heating Sources. What we imply is there’s two differing kinds as in I.E fuel dryers or electrical dryers.


How Not To Electrocute Yourself While Doing Appliance Repair

Maybe you are considering fixing your own appliances. Do you really want to stick your head in an oven, or your face in a freezer? Maybe that isn’t the best solution to fixing your appliance problems. Consider for a second what happens if you screw it up. Ah, you ask yourself, what’s the worst that could happen? Maybe you electrocute yourself. Maybe you should leave fixing your appliances to the pros.

Whether your refrigerator is on the fritz or your washing machine isn’t washing as well as it used to, trying to fix it yourself may not end the problem. In fact, it could also end your life. Do you really want your gravestone to read, hear lies Joe, killed by a rouge washing machine. How embarrassing ge stove and oven repair pasadena.

Amateur appliance repairmen can leave you with worse problems then when you started. There is a very easy way to tell if you are dealing with an amateur or a professional. Ask them about their certifications. The recommended certification for someone working on your appliances should be a NASTeC certification.

The NASTeC certification stands for National Appliance Service Technician Certification. This certification means you are going to get someone who has superior knowledge and experience when it comes to repairing your appliances.

The test to get national certification was written after 6500 technicians from all over the country were surveyed on what technicians needed to know. Then, six national manufacturers, a national retailer, fourteen independent businesses and seven trade schools were also consulted in writing the exam questions. This assures you, when you get a certified technician; you are getting the best possible person to fix your appliances.

Diagnostic Problems:

Finding the problem is what you are paying a professional to do. Where an amateur may poke and prod around, the money you pay to an expert isn’t about what they replace, you are paying for their experience, to be able to look at your appliance and diagnose the problem without making timely and costly mistakes. An amateur can poke around an appliance, hope they pick the right part and replace it. It’s when it isn’t fixed that the customer has a problem. Sometimes hiring an amateur is akin do doing it yourself, with an owner’s manual and a screwdriver. You are better off calling in an expert.


Great, if you worked on your own refrigerator and you are lucky enough to get it right, do you have the right part on site, or does that mean another trip to The Home Depot, finding someone to help you and hoping they know more about what you are doing than you do. An expert can perform the repairs on site as they find it. Most have parts stocked in their truck, to avoid billing you an hour’s worth of work, while they go to the hardware store. An expert is going to have the parts necessary to fix your problem right away.


So, suppose in your attempt to save some money you make your own repair to your appliances. Then your oven goes out because when you put it back together you missed something. Okay, you took something apart. That doesn’t always mean you know how to put it back together. It’s the difference between a book keeper and an accountant. Both can do your books for you. The book keeper knows where to put things, the account knows where, but more importantly why things go where they do. So, when the IRS comes knocking, do you want a bookkeeper or an accountant? You want the expert of course, so true in appliance repair.


As was alluded to in the beginning of the article, have you considered that you could electrocute yourself if you do something wrong? There are large hazards that you may not have thought of, on your rush to get your owner’s manual and fix the problem. Next time you are having serious appliance problems, consider hiring an expert. The life you save may be your own.

Common Refrigerator Repair Issues

Is your refrigerator running? What used to be a common prank quickly loses its humor when your refrigerator malfunctions. If your refrigerator isn’t performing up to its usual standards, it’s important to act quickly to prevent any issues from becoming larger problems. While some refrigeration issues may require the attention of a trained professional, there are many refrigerator repairs that you can complete easily at home with some basic troubleshooting and minor adjustments.

Here are some common symptoms requiring refrigerator repair, along with steps you can take toward resolving them:

Temperature Instability: If your refrigerator is warm dishwasher repair pasadena, or if it is too cold and is freezing your food, the first thing to check is the internal temperature control dial. If adjusting the temperature setting doesn’t resolve the issue, check the condenser coils, located on the back of your refrigerator. Occasionally, these coils can become coated in dust and debris, prohibiting the unit from cooling efficiently. If you continue to experience problems with temperature instability after cleaning the coils, you may need to call a refrigerator repair service to adjust the internal thermostat settings.

Leaking: A leaking refrigerator is a particularly urgent issue, requiring immediate attention to prevent exacerbated problems including water damage to the floor and other surfaces in your home. If you’ve got water on the floor outside of the refrigerator, check the condensing defrost tray underneath the fridge. If the tray is tilted, not level, or damaged, it could allow water to leak out onto the floor. If you’ve got water leaking inside the refrigerator, it may be due to a malfunctioning humidity control. If your refrigerator has an ice/water dispenser, check the water lines for leaks.

Excessive Noise: A certain amount of noise is completely normal for a refrigerator, but excessive groaning, knocking, or banging noises are indicative that something’s wrong. Check to see where the noise is coming from. If you’ve got a banging or rattling noise coming from the back of the refrigerator, you may have a loose compressor or fan. If the sound originates underneath or near the front of the fridge, you may need to loosen the screws that hold the condensing defrost tray. A sputtering noise can be typical of a refrigerator going into defrost mode. If you’re unable to determine the source of the sounds, or if adjusting the loose components doesn’t resolve the issue, you may need to contact your local refrigerator repair service.

Failure to Run: If your refrigerator isn’t running, it may be tied to a power issue. The easiest fix is to check and make sure that the power cord is plugged in, and that your outlet is working properly. If that doesn’t fix the problem, check whether the light inside the refrigerator cabinet is on. If it isn’t, it’s a sign that your refrigerator isn’t receiving power, and indicates a problem with the power cord. If the light is on, however, but the refrigerator won’t cool, it’s likely an issue with the condenser or cold control.
If you’re unable to determine the cause of your refrigerator’s malfunction, or if a minor parts adjustment doesn’t resolve the issue, you may need to contact your local appliance repair service for professional refrigerator repair. Although fixing a problem yourself may save you some money in the short term, refrigerator repairs can be complex, and you don’t want to risk personal injury or property damage due to a faulty amateur repair job. When it doubt, rely on the knowledge and expertise of the pros to restore your refrigerator to proper working order.

What to Do When You Need Appliance Repair: DIY Vs Hiring a Professional

When your washing machine grinds to a sudden halt in the middle of the spin cycle or you notice your refrigerator isn’t running, the first thing that runs through your mind is often, “What am I going to do now?” Take a deep breath and don’t let yourself become instantly overwhelmed by the prospect of a broken appliance. You may need a major appliance repair, but don’t jump the gun by assuming your fridge, washer, or other appliance is kaput. There are a number of steps you can take to troubleshoot minor problems as well as prevent additional damage to your appliance, all before you even consider bringing in the pros. Instead of throwing your hands up in frustration when you discover one of your household appliances may be malfunctioning, this checklist can be an easy guide to help you answer that pesky “what next” question whirlpool dishwasher repair pasadena.

Check connections and cords.

Sometimes your appliance’s sudden refusal to turn on or a newly developed leak is the result of a loose connection. Make sure that all electrical cords are firmly plugged into the outlet and that any water inlet and drain hoses are snugly secured to the supply and sewer lines. It may seem like an obvious step, but many homeowners assume that because the cords and water lines were connected yesterday, they have to be today. However, anything from the cat crawling behind the washer to the gradual loosening of a hose over time can mean that these connections can suddenly fail. The good news is that they’re quick fixes that every homeowner should be able to address in a moment.

Keep in mind that this does NOT apply to gas connections. If you’re experiencing problems with a gas dryer or range, you’ll want to call a professional in right away. That’s because gas appliance repairs, especially those that deal with the gas lines themselves, can be extremely hazardous to your health and to the safety of your home and family. Play it safe and bring in the pros for all gas appliance maintenance and repair.

Look for blown fuses.

Just like with loose electrical cords or detached water lines, many people forget to check for blown fuses, flipped circuit breakers, and engaged child safety locks when their appliances suddenly stop or won’t turn on. Start by looking in your home’s electrical panel for flipped circuit breakers, and then consult your appliance’s owner’s manual or something like a dryer repair manual for instructions regarding internal fuses and breakers. This type of issue should be relatively straightforward to repair and can help save you the expensive of calling an appliance repair service to take care of this rather simple solution.

Test appliances only once or twice, not repeatedly.

After you’ve checked the electrical cord and explored the possibility of blown fuses or tripped breakers, the next step is usually to test the appliance and see if it’s still experiencing the same problem. Feel free to test your washer or oven, but only do so once or twice. Repeated tests are likely to exacerbate the problem by burning out the motor or pump or creating other types of additional damage, so make sure you limit your exploratory tests. As a caution, if the appliance is smoking, overly warm, sparking, or making grinding noises, turn it off immediately and do not attempt to restart it. These are all signs that your unit is experiencing a major problem that could lead to a fire or complete deterioration of one or more parts, so it’s best not to jeopardize your appliance or your household.

If your appliance is still acting up or you don’t feel that it’s safe to turn on, your best bet may be to contact a local appliance repairman. Because you’ve taken a few minutes to determine that the problem is not a blown fuse or unplugged cord, you’ve already eliminated a few potential causes for the issue and the appliance technician will be able to complete their diagnostic process just a little bit faster.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to appliance repairs of all sizes and magnitudes is that you’re better off safe than sorry. Exploring minor issues like flipped circuit breakers and disconnected hoses are easy fixes for DIYers, but more extensive solutions should probably be left in the hands of a professional appliance repairman to make sure you get the accurate, safe repairs you deserve. Maria Allen is a home improvement and maintenance hobbyist. He is also an Internet marketing specialist with Prospect Genius, a leader in online local advertising for small businesses.


Nonetheless, earlier than speeding right into a conclusion that your equipment is damaged and wishes rapid restore, it’s important to contemplate some few facets that can information you thru the entire repairmen course of.

Step one is to fastidiously learn by the handbook on your equipment to make sure you didn’t miss a particular instruction on the set up. It’s fairly apparent that dangerous connections might end result to the equipment not functioning correctly or as anticipated. Make confirmations that each one connections are as per the handbook to keep away from embarrassing conditions and the necessity to name for assist which will certainly end result to additional prices.

When you’ve got found that your equipment is definitely damaged samsung appliance repair pasadena, you want then to learn the equipment’s guarantee fastidiously to seek out out what is roofed by the vendor below your plan. In lots of instances, you will see out that the guarantee has stipulated who to contact incase of breakage and the place to get the very best restore companies. It will enable you to keep away from contracting inexperienced technicians that can solely worsen the scenario, or making an attempt to repair the equipment your self. In case you nonetheless determine to repair the equipment your self, be sure you are effectively conscious of the preliminary downside, after which purchase as a lot data as you may in regards to the equipment both from an equipment’s skilled or from the web. A great way to efficiently do the repairs could be to hunt a step-by-step guideline; and in case you discover it inconceivable to finish the repairs at half approach by, it will likely be essential to contact an professional.

In case you determine or the guarantee calls for that you simply get skilled assist on your equipment restore, be sure you select the very best firm that can have the restore executed efficiently. Most often, the guarantee will suggest taking the equipment again to the place to procure it, or refer you to an expert firm you may contact. Most often, these skilled firms or the vendor himself might be having an excellent understanding of your equipment and some inspections will pinpoint to the issue and you’ll most probably get the equipment repaired for gratis. In case you determine to decide on your individual technician, be sure you get detailed details about their popularity and whether or not they can efficiently get the restore executed. You shouldn’t rush for cheaper technicians as typically they might not be effectively acquainted with the equipment and will find yourself irritating you additional.

With a purpose to make sure that you keep away from pointless prices in equipment restore, it is vital that you simply at all times look out for a number of indicators that will level out that you simply want restore on your equipment. The apparent signal is equipment malfunction or full failure to work. In case you discover your equipment shouldn’t be functioning correctly as earlier than or it’s not working in any respect, then this might be an apparent motive to hunt skilled assist instantly to assist stop additional harm and extra price. An excellent instance is whether it is taking too lengthy (twice as lengthy) to cook dinner a meal.

One other apparent motive is steady enhance in your vitality payments. It’s potential to not discover any uncommon conduct together with your equipment efficiency, however your vitality payments continues to rising. That is an apparent signal of a sure equipment breakage that wants rapid consideration and might be good to start monitoring your home equipment to seek out out the particularly which one is damaged.

All in all, the easiest way to make sure that you don’t incur large prices in repairing home equipment might be to contact an professional instantly you discover a malfunction. Persistence utilization of a damaged equipment will solely go from worse to irreparable and ultimately chances are you’ll find yourself dropping the equipment and having to purchase a brand new one. It’s advisable nonetheless, to at all times check your home equipment instantly after buy to make sure they’re 100% match and that they’re functioning as they’re purported to. In case you discover any uncommon conduct, resembling overheating, humorous sounds etcComputer Know-how Articles, then it will likely be vital to contact your vendor to have the equipment changed.

Equipment Restore Usually Saves Householders Cash, However, With Older Machines, Not All the time

If you happen to already know the title and variety of a dependable dwelling equipment restore firm, take into account your self fortunate. The stress of looking for a responsive, moderately priced restore service in the course of a busy work week can flip an inconvenience into a serious trouble. Many individuals haven’t got the time or persistence to analysis costs, on-line buyer critiques, or Higher Enterprise Bureau stories when the necessity for a dishwasher restore or one other equipment emergency instantly arises kenmore appliance repair altadena.

Dwelling home equipment have quite a lot of anticipated life spans; though in the event you issue Murphy’s Legislation into the equation, you’ll be able to depend on needing dryer restore or washer restore two days earlier than your loved ones leaves for trip or another pinch growing. In most eventualities, two of an important attributes of an equipment restore service are pace and aggressive pricing. When the everyday household wants washer-dryer restore or fridge restore, 24 hours can look like an eternity. The identical factor would maintain true with virtually any dwelling equipment malfunction.

Equipment Restore Providers Present a Fast Repair

When weighing the professionals and cons of changing versus repairing a serious dwelling equipment, there are a whole lot of issues to contemplate, together with the age of the equipment and what the family finances will enable. Choosing dishwasher restore over alternative will most likely prevent lots of of . Nevertheless, if the equipment is exhibiting indicators of decay and previous age, then getting a model new one could also be an funding price contemplating. One issue that many shoppers overlook is the vitality financial savings that may be had by putting in a brand new equipment. Older dwelling home equipment not solely have a tendency to interrupt down extra regularly, however they will price much more to function than the brand new, extra energy-efficient fashions.

Fridge restore or dishwasher restore could be the apparent path to take if the equipment is barely six or seven years previous. As soon as the age of an equipment begins approaching the last decade mark, although, the machine could also be taking its toll in your month-to-month utility payments. If it is dishwasher restore that you just’re contemplating, keep in mind that previous dishwashers may be answerable for extreme electrical energy utilization and better water payments than needed. Fortuitously, there is a strategy to curb overuse of electrical energy and water. By means of the creation of the Power Star program, the U.S. Environmental Safety (EPA) has made it straightforward for shoppers to determine washing machines, dryers, fridges, and dishwashers that may save a major quantity of vitality, cash, and pure sources over the lifetime of the equipment.

As of January 20, 2012, for instance, residential dishwashers that meet the newest Power Star necessities will probably be 10% to 30% extra vitality environment friendly than standard fashions. In line with the EPA, Power Star washing machines use about 37% much less vitality and 50% much less water than common washing machines. If washer or dishwasher restore is on the highest of your “to do” listing, the vitality financial savings of a brand new Power Star certified equipment could possibly be a consider your determination. Relying in your finances and the age and situation of your machine, there could also be benefits to purchasing an Power Star equipment as a substitute of shelling out cash for fridge restore or washer restore.

Troubleshooting Your Refrigerator

Appliances make day-to-day tasks easy and manageable. However, sometimes it seems like more often than not your appliances aren’t functioning as well as they should.

Maybe your refrigerator isn’t as cool as it should be or is unevenly chilling your food. There are many different issues that an appliance could have, and it can be very frustrating to attempt to troubleshoot the problem Jennair Appliance Repair.

Being Proactive

There are several preventative measures that you should consistently take to ensure than your appliances run as they should. Placing a thermometer in your fridge can help you monitor your fridge’s temperature.

It can also help the appliance’s overall functionality by following the instructions and manual guidelines. For example, correctly storing produce in the vegetable crisper drawer and keeping meat in the center of your fridge where the temperature is most consistent will allow your fridge to work to its full potential.

Using an appliance correctly can greatly increase its functionality and longevity in addition to reducing the likelihood of mechanical failure.

Common Issues

Typical issues that a refrigerator or freezer could experience are simple problems such as an ice-maker failure, water leakage, a cooling failure, and excess ice and moisture in your freezer. These issues may not be entirely faulted on the mechanics. Rearranging your food, clearing out your fridge or freezer, and examining your internal temperature can instantly solve the issue you might be experiencing.

In other cases, the solution to fixing your refrigerator may not be as straight forward as you hoped. Other common issues could involve the refrigerator coils, the ice-maker, the drain tube, or a leaking gasket.

Fixing your Refrigerator

The first step in fixing the problem you are experiencing is acknowledging the source of the problem. If you can’t determine the source of the problem, you can’t accurately decide where you need to look to fix it.

If you regularly evaluate and monitor your fridge, you should be able to quickly find the source of the problem. Once you find the source, you can contact your local appliance repair business to explain the problem to them.

Handling the Problem

If you have a simple problem that has a simple solution, you may feel inclined to address the issue yourself. It is always good practice to regularly clear out your fridge – not only to remove spoiled or expired food – so that you can stay on top of any wear and tear on the appliance.

In the case that the issue involves toxic coolants or other questionable electrical material, it is in your best interest to hire an appliance repairman to come to your home and fix the problem. No matter what your refrigerator is doing – from leaking to hissing to sweating – it is in your best interest to find a solution before you need to buy a new fridge.

Do-It-Your self Fridge Restore

No home may be full with out a fridge. This can be a will need to have particularly for those who all the time wish to hold meals inside attain particularly you probably have youngsters round the home. Fridges are additionally thought of as one of the vital reliable kitchen home equipment since it’s imagined to run 24 hours and seven days per week until you wish to defrost it. Subsequently, it may well actually freak out a house proprietor if this machine fails to do its function. Sadly, with the excessive price of companies right this moment, fridge restore from professionals could be a second choice. Many individuals these days try to do a DIY equipment restore so they might save from spending a whole bunch of for the service charge Appliance Repair Van Nuys.

What you need to first do if you wish to do a DIY fridge restore is to test for the outer components of the large kitchen equipment. Take a look at the controls, the facility, or the condenser coils to call a number of. In case you have been utilizing the fridge for a very long time, attempt to clear and preserve the condenser coil at the least as soon as yearly. Nevertheless, you are able to do it extra typically for those who assume that it instantly will get filthy. This in fact relies on the mannequin of your fridge. Whereas some solely wants annual cleansing, there are some fashions that may require cleansing at the least each six months.

Try the black coils if there are any accessible behind your fridge. Most of the time it will not require you to wash it that always.

Then again, for those who assume that the DIY equipment restore and cleansing doesn’t appear to work, begin wanting round for an inexpensive however certified fridge restore service. Simply see to it that the technicians are licensed so that you’d solely get top quality service from them.

Repair, Not Replace

A lot of household appliances will cost a lot of money to buy and this is partially down to the amount of use we’ll get out of them as well as how long they are expected to last us. An appliance such as a dishwasher can save us hundreds of hours spent washing dishes and frees up our time to spend on other tasks or even relaxing.

Whilst we spend a lot on these appliances some people may have the misfortune for their appliances to break down or develop annoying faults. To make sure that our households continue to run smoothly it is important that we get our appliances back to their best as soon as possible so that the washing doesn’t stack up or our food begins to spoil. A lot of people will rush out to buy a replacement appliance with a heavy heart if they haven’t had their expected use out of the appliance that has broken down Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles.

Even after many years of faithful service eventually some appliances break down but the owners are not prepared to part with the cash to afford a new one. It is fortunate then that there are appliance repair engineers available to diagnose the problem and provide a quick solution that makes our appliances as good as new and in some cases can even improve their performance.

With newer and more efficient replacement parts available to repair engineers you could end up with a completely different machine once you have had it repaired by a qualified engineer. This could mean you have many more years until you require a replacement for your current appliance and gives you a longer period of time to make sure that you can comfortably afford a replacement and make sure that you only buy one that has the new features that you need and will make good use of.

A lot of people will have grown used to their appliance and the thought of having to learn how to use a new model which can be a bit bewildering for some people. With a quick repair job done in your home you won’t have to wait too long for your household to return to normal and get back to using your appliance for many more years.

To enquire about getting your appliances fixed go online to find the best engineers in your area that can come to your home and inspect your broken appliance.

When Do You Need Heating Repair?

Murphy had once said that if anything can go wrong, it will do so. And any homeowner will vouch for the truth in this statement for most have faced this predicament-heating appliances breaking down just when winter is approaching. It is up to you to ensure that you call a professional heating repair technician regularly to check for minor snags in the equipment and fix them right away so that you get to enjoy a cozy winter. But it always helps to know about some of the common problems that heating appliances like the electric water heater and the furnace may be plagued by Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles.

Electric Water Heater

These are some of the problems that you may face with an electric water heater:

* Water not heating is a common problem people face with an electric water heater. There maybe various causes for this failure. Commonly, this occurs when the high temperature limit switch is affected. If the temperature is adjusted the heater may work. But this is not a permanent solution. You need an electrician to identify the real problem, which may be a malfunctioning thermostat or the heating element.

* A foul smell emanating from the heater is another one of the most common problems afflicting a heater. Your electrician or a professional heating technician is the best person to identify whether this is related to fault in your electric system or not. Sometimes, however, there may be a simpler reason at work, like a dirt-clogged tank. In such a case, cleaning and disinfecting the water tank will solve the problem.

* The water valve may leak due to high degrees of water pressure, caused by a technical fault in the valve. In case the failure is due to the thermostat being set to too high a temperature level, it must be reset. If all these do-it-yourself measures do not help, call a professional heating repair technician.


It is beneficial to get your furnace serviced professionally at least once a year. The professional technicians, with their expertise and experience, can detect and fix minor problems before they aggravate and cause the appliance to break down completely. These are some of the common problems that may plague a furnace and require handling by a professional heating repair technician:

* It does not fire up.

* The oil burner does not start.

* It does not produce sufficient heat.

* It is noisy.