How to Keep Your Washer and Dryer Healthy

Do you take your clothes dryer for granted? Do you clean the lint filter after each load of clothes? Is the lint filter now backing up and making a big mess? Does your washing machine give off a foul odor?If you have answered yes or no to either question, read on.


Your dryer needs to be cleaned and serviced as much as any other appliance in your home. Lint can build up inside the machine and cause a FIRE. It can cause your dryer to not dry properly. It can cause your dryer to over heat and burn your clothes and start a fire Dryer Repair Los Angeles.

Cleaning the internal workings of the dryer requires the entire machine to be taken apart and vacuumed. It is definitely time to call in a specialist who will do the best job for you and your appliance.
The specialist said the machine only needs this done once every five years.


If your washing machine is giving off a foul odor when you run a load of clothes, you can simple clean the drum easily.

Run the washing machine empty with a hot water mix. Add 2 drops of vinegar and let the machine run through its usual cycle.

With a good maintenance program for your clothes dryer and washing machine it will last longer and not need expensive repairs. Even if you have old appliances which look bad to the eye as long as it runs and cleans and dries your clothes which is all that matters when money is tight.

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