When Do You Need Heating Repair?

Murphy had once said that if anything can go wrong, it will do so. And any homeowner will vouch for the truth in this statement for most have faced this predicament-heating appliances breaking down just when winter is approaching. It is up to you to ensure that you call a professional heating repair technician regularly to check for minor snags in the equipment and fix them right away so that you get to enjoy a cozy winter. But it always helps to know about some of the common problems that heating appliances like the electric water heater and the furnace may be plagued by Whirlpool Appliance Repair Los Angeles.

Electric Water Heater

These are some of the problems that you may face with an electric water heater:

* Water not heating is a common problem people face with an electric water heater. There maybe various causes for this failure. Commonly, this occurs when the high temperature limit switch is affected. If the temperature is adjusted the heater may work. But this is not a permanent solution. You need an electrician to identify the real problem, which may be a malfunctioning thermostat or the heating element.

* A foul smell emanating from the heater is another one of the most common problems afflicting a heater. Your electrician or a professional heating technician is the best person to identify whether this is related to fault in your electric system or not. Sometimes, however, there may be a simpler reason at work, like a dirt-clogged tank. In such a case, cleaning and disinfecting the water tank will solve the problem.

* The water valve may leak due to high degrees of water pressure, caused by a technical fault in the valve. In case the failure is due to the thermostat being set to too high a temperature level, it must be reset. If all these do-it-yourself measures do not help, call a professional heating repair technician.


It is beneficial to get your furnace serviced professionally at least once a year. The professional technicians, with their expertise and experience, can detect and fix minor problems before they aggravate and cause the appliance to break down completely. These are some of the common problems that may plague a furnace and require handling by a professional heating repair technician:

* It does not fire up.

* The oil burner does not start.

* It does not produce sufficient heat.

* It is noisy.

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